Monday, January 12, 2009

Book of the Week Club - Me, Karl Rove, & George W. Bush

One of my New Year's "intentions" is to read a book a week.

You might be surprised where I got the inspiration from - I recently read an article by Karl Rove who said that he and George W. Bush have had a longstanding, friendly competition about who could read more books in a year. Initially they set a target to read one a week - both apparently surpassing this easily and in some years each finishing over a hundred.

Now I'm not anti Bush (nor am I heavily pro, she says, thinking it unusual there are even categories for a person - aren't pros and cons usually reserved for causes?) - but this little factoid surprised even me! Karl apparently is a more prolific reader, but acknowledged that Bush might have been busy what with running the country and all.
....or was he? Arguable some might say : )

Anyway - It's January 12th and I'm almost finished my first one - have to pick up the pace. Less Food Network and more reading time...

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